Medical visits are by appointment. Call 707-664-2921

Required Appointment Forms:
Appointment Information:
  • Appointments are typically scheduled between 8 am and 4:30 pm Monday - Friday with LIMITED urgent care staffing until 5pm
  • Students without an appointment are seen for urgent circumstances only. Unless such an individual is in imminent danger, he/she will wait longer than patients with an appointment.
  • Walk-ins for immunizations or TB testing may be accommodated before 10am on a staff available basis.
Cancellation Information:
  • Appointment Cancellations must be made by phone or in person during the regular operating hours of the Health Center. If this isn’t possible, an after-hours voicemail message can be left at 707-664-2921. Give your name, the date and time of the appointment to be cancelled and, if possible, the doctor or nurse practitioner your appointment is scheduled with. Call the next morning during operating hours to confirm voicemail cancellations and/or to reschedule the cancelled appointment.
  • No Show Fees and Late Cancellation Fees will be charged for the following reasons:
    • Patients must cancel or reschedule any appointment they will not be keep or they will be charged $16
    • A late cancellation fee of $16 is charged to any student who fails to cancel at least 4 hours in advance
    • A no show fee of $20 is charged to for failure to cancel an appointment with a specialist (such as the psychiatrist) or that is 1/2 hour or more in duration
    • Appointments with a specialist must be cancelled or is at least 24 hours in advance or a $20 late cancellation fee will be charged